To: St. Louis



We are very excited to announce that we received a huge donation of BRAND NEW clothing from two design houses in New York and Los Angeles! We received men’s, women’s, and even some girl’s clothing and accessories.

We even received some brand new Free People and Anthropologie items!

Stop in and check out our new apparel before it’s all gone. And check back in for back to school shopping in August!

Juliette, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Juliette!


Juliette Nahrgang is our new Assistant Manager here at Revive. Juliette has grown up in the St. Louis area for most of her life and recently moved back to the city with her husband and four children. That’s right, FOUR! Juliette homeschools her young team during the day and works with us in the afternoons and on weekends, so you are sure to see her on Saturdays when you stop in.

Juliette has an eye for detail and brings a fresh set of ideas and energy to the shop. She is excited to rediscover her love for fashion and style and to share that with everyone by dressing our mannequins, helping you all while shopping, and even finding some hidden gems of her own. That kimono she’s wearing looks awfully familiar…

Juliette loves how we embrace and empower the imperfections in people and things in our community. She sees it in every aspect of the shop from the people behind the scenes to the beautiful renovations throughout the shop. She loves to watch the transformations and all of the people who make it possible.

She has proven herself invaluable with her eagerness to learn, her cool head in stressful situations, her fashion and design savvy and her preparedness. Who knew baby wipes could be so versatile?

Juliette is excited to see how the next year with Revive unfolds. As Revive continues to grow we will have more opportunities to improve the shop and bless the people in our city.

We are very excited to have her join our team and we cannot wait to watch her continue to help us improve the shop. For those of you who haven’t met Juliette already, be sure to say hey the next time you stop in. She cannot wait to meet all of you!

When in doubt, Spray Paint!

Spray paint is making it’s way into almost every other DIY project I see on Pinterest now a days.

Now I’m not complaining, because as someone with a lot of ideas but very little ability to execute artistically spray paint has become my savior! There is a bit of a learning curve to technique, so maybe do some trial runs before you tackle your one piece that you are really excited about.

Erica and myself were inspired when we were looking around the shop during our redesign last week. We saw many pieces that were outdated and not selling but given some TLC we knew we could make them modern again, like this lamp.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.58.19 AM

And by TLC we mean a fresh coat of paint.

When spray painting you are going to want to make sure your piece/s are cleaned of all dust and grease. Simply rubbing them down with acetone, or acetone nail polish is all you need to do, but make sure you rub every surface you want to paint.

Then read the instructions on the can. Take the minute to read it, trust me.

We are lucky enough to have a paint booth here at the shop for the colder months but we also have a huge plastic drop cloth for painting outside. Make sure wherever you do paint is well ventilated, this is the most important rule!

Then pick a spot and start spraying! You’re going to want to hold the can about 8 inches from the piece and spray in a sweeping motion. Don’t just point and spray, and use short back and forth strokes for the best and most even result.

One last tip, do multiple lighter coats letting each coat dry completely, this isn’t something you have to rush.

And Voila!

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.58.38 AM

Share your favorite spray paint projects with us below, or any tips you have for spray painting newbies.

Redesign in progress…




Our new manager Erica has assembled an amazing team of retail veterans to help her with redesigning the shop from the ground up. We took the day on Tuesday and started to implement some of their ideas!

One of our most notable moves is the location of our counter!


We also had Mission: St. Louis’ Executive Director Josh Wilson, Terrance, Coleman, and a few of our JLT interns build us a new and improved window display and backdrop for our shop front.


We reorganized the rest of the shop to be more dynamic and fun to shop in!

Stop in and stay tuned for the next stage in our redesign…

40 Bags in 40 Days

Who is ready to simplify their life, and their home?

Spring cleaning is a time of year that everyone either loves or hates. The thought of tackling that overflowing closet or those basements/attics that haven’t been sorted through in months or years can seem incredibly daunting. We like simplicity here at Revive Thrift Shop, and we want to help those with more “hoarding” style tendencies.

We found this amazing spring cleaning event on a blog called White House Black Shutters. It’s a major de-cluttering movement that coincides with Lent every year! Check out their page and learn more about how you can “Decrapify” your house.


Ready for the rules?

The rules are very simple. Pick one area of your house every day of Lent, except Sunday’s, and fill one bag to remove from your house. That’s right just one bag!

The size of the bag doesn’t matter and what fills the bag doesn’t matter. It can be trash or donation worthy items. It can be a large trash bag or a Walmart bag. All that matters is that you get those unnecessary items out of your space!

They even count furniture as a “bag”, and we pick up!

We can’t wait to start on February 18th and clean out our houses until Easter Sunday, April 5th! We hope you take part in this amazing event and consider us for your donations.