Meet our new Donation Team!

We would like to introduce our new Donation Duo! Donation and Warehouse Coordinator, Terrance Long and Donation and Warehouse Associate, Coleman Macon.


Terrance was recommended to us by his brother, Guy Long who graduated Phase 1 of Mission: St. Louis’ JLT program in September and is now employed with his intern site, Anew Nature. Terrance was first hired as a part time driver with us but proved an invaluable asset to our shop and our team and was recently promoted to Donation and Warehouse Coordinator! Terrance is a regular jack of all trades and is often the first person we turn to when confronted with a problem within the shop. His willingness to go above and beyond is one of his strongest qualities, and his consistent positive energy and smile help lift the spirits of everyone around him, both coworkers and customers.

Coleman is the newest addition to our little family. Coleman interned with us for 8 weeks through the JLT program with Mission: St. Louis and was by far our strongest intern. Coming in on his days off to volunteer to help Terrance with pick-ups and deliveries really showed everyone how committed he was to the JLT program and to Revive. Coleman graduated from Phase 1 of the JLT program this month and was hired on as our Donation and Warehouse Associate immediately. He also possesses that willingness to help in any way he can, coming in early or helping with tasks that are a little outside of his job description. If he sees something that needs to be done he often helps without even being asked, and he never complains. He is a consistent source of happiness and smiles around Revive.

Terrance and Coleman have gotten our donation system down to a science with the initial supervision of our newly promoted Revive Thrift Shop Manager, Danielle Maclin. Knowing they are both on the job alleviates our workload because we know that anything they are involved with will be done efficiently and professionally. We are truly thankful during this holiday season that we found both of these amazing guys to complete our staff.

If you see either men around Revive or out picking up donations or delivering furniture give them a friendly wave and a congratulations on their promotions!

Imagination Running Wild



-Amanda Vick, Revive volunteer

How many times have you seen a scary movie and had your imagination run wild afterwards? Picture it for a moment- you’re sitting at home on your couch at midnight. The moon is full. You are alone. Having just watched a scary movie, you hear a rustling or something (or someone) at your front door. It could be the leaves being blown by the wind or it could be Freddy Kruger with his long knives for fingers hiding just outside your front door in the bushes. Or maybe it’s a culmination of all the scary movies you’ve watched over the years wreaking havoc on your imagination?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a very active and vivid imagination. When I was five, I saw an episode of Sesame Street on the letter “W”. They featured a bright blue puppet in a trench coat and fedora with a green dot nose called the “W Man” who was a detective. The funny thing was, the “W Man” didn’t bother me. It was the ominous music they played before he came on that scared me. My sisters laugh about it to this day. Music in a disharmonious minor key is very creepy. Have you listened to the Jaws theme lately? That kind of music usually accompanies that feeling you get when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

The other day at the thrift shop, I had the same hair-raising feeling but there was no music involved. I was rearranging some items on a shelf when I spotted a creepy doll in a frilly, ivory dress sitting on the shelf staring blankly back at me. Okay- I know it’s just a doll, but she was staring at me with those beady, glass eyes that blink when you move her. Just to clarify my point, there are several movies about creepy dolls.

It occurred to me that this doll would make a great Halloween decoration. How fun would it be to scare the trick-or-treaters Halloween night? Even better, she could sit on my front steps permanently scaring away those pesky solicitors. Darn those cable people trying to get me to switch back! They won’t come back to my house if they see this doll. It’s kind of like the modern version of a scarecrow.

Friends, if you’re stocking up for all your Halloween needs- Revive Thrift is your onestop shop! We have pieces for your costume, cassette tapes, records, cds (for music in a minor key!), movies and creepy dolls. Just be careful if you purchase a scary movie because we won’t be responsible for your imagination running wild. Insert Vincent Price’s evil laugh from Thriller……

Up All Night

As I sit in a coffee shop amid the smells of various aromatic coffee blends lingering in the air, I am tempted to eat the chocolate covered peanuts sitting on my plate. You’re probably thinking “hey- you’re in a coffee shop so those are probably chocolate covered espresso beans”. As I pop the chocolately beans into my mouth, I realize that they’re espresso beans and it’s past four o’clock in the afternoon. Oops. Ironically, the speakers above my head are blasting the song “Up All Night” by the Talking Heads.

And that’s what I’m going to be…. up all night. I’m not like that person in your three o’clock Civics class in college who can nod off in public at the drop of a hat even after they’ve had a gallon of Mellow Yellow. You know that guy- he studies the night before the final, pulls an “all-nighter” and aces it. That’s not me.

Sleep has been an issue for me for most of my adult years. When most people are asleep, my brain is going non-stop sometimes. It’s usually when I’m troubled (or have eaten a chocolate covered espresso beans) that I have a hard time getting to sleep. In the world we live in, there are many things to be troubled about. Have you read or seen the news lately? Things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be. Murder, war, sex trafficking, injustice, senseless violence and oppression against innocent children and adults alike. How do we come to terms with all the bad things that are going on right now? Is lying awake at night worrying the answer?

Prayer is one of the main things that I do when I can’t sleep. Prayer is my way of asking God to help me because I am in desperate need of his help. It’s the cry in the night that comes from a place of desperation. Not many things are as humbling as a week of sleeplessness, my friends. Trust me- it’s not fun when you start to see things that aren’t there or your emotions are so raw that everything seems amplified. But what else do you do when you’re out of bed at four a.m. and wide awake? Besides prayer and journaling, reading a book is really helpful when you find yourself sleep deprived.

Reading a book is one of the pleasures in life that everyone can enjoy- there are e- books, audio books and free books to be had. Reading a good book can take you to another world and inspire you to think differently about the people around you. Even if you don’t enjoy reading- you can play an audio book in your car on your way to work.

And there are free books at Revive Thrift Shop! Yes- I know the library offers free books, but not everyone can remember that their book is due- am I right? Library fees do add up. People are often surprised that we offer free books. Just last week a customer said to me “ I see the sign for free books, but is it okay for me to take this book?” I love it! Another customer told me that she was a retired teacher and was

taking some books to a young man who is learning to read at eighteen. She is helping him get through the classics. She’s another reason why I love volunteering at Revive.

Now I wonder what book I’ll be reading at three am thanks to those espresso beans? There are so many to chose from at Revive I can’t decide. But after all, I’ll be up all night so I have lots of time to choose.

-Amanda Vick
Revive Thrift Shop Volunteer


Revive It: DIY Scarf-Vest


This is the first article for our new fashion blog Revive It! Danielle our Assistant Manager discovered this clever way to revive an old scarf into a cute new vest to dress up any outfit. The scarf used in this tutorial is  roughly 6 feet long and 1.5 feet wide. For a longer vest you would simply use a larger scarf. Here is a step by step tutorial of how to turn an old scarf into a new vest…

Step 1: Fold scarf in half lengthwise; think hamburger bun not hotdog bun.
Step 2: Take two corners, one on fold and another at scarf ends.
Step 3: Gather both corners into a small knot. Make sure the knot is secure or the vest will unravel.
Step 4: Unfold scarf and find holes for your arms.
Step 5: Rock your stylish new vest!

Along with some new blog topics we are launching our new Instagram account which will feature in store projects, DIY articles, and alerts on sales and any news from the store, so follow us to stay up to date on all things Revive!

4th of July DIY

Today and Saturday Revive is having a sale on everything red, white, or blue!  That means 40% off anything with any of those colors.  Come in an get some plain shirts and decorate them with your family and friends.  Run to the craft store and pick up fabric paints, Sharpies, or acrylics and go crazy with patriotic designs.  Use stencils and tape to get perfect stars and stripes or just have fun painting whimsical fireworks.  We are closed on the 4th so make sure you have a great time with your friends and family and be sure to stop by after the holiday.