New Years Resolution

HAPPY 2015!

With a new year comes new opportunities, possibilities, and resolutions. Our staff’s collective resolution is to get healthier this year. Now I know that “get healthier” or “get in shape” is what most people say their New Years resolution is. This, then results in the local parks and gyms becoming overpopulated for roughly a month before (insert excuse here) gets in the way and we slowly revert back to our old ways. Not this group! We have decided to be each others support system. Some of our staff are already healthy eaters, Terrance is already a vegetarian, while others, myself included, need to start swapping that Dr. Pepper for some water, or those potato chips for an apple.

But diet is only part of the problem, becoming more active is incredibly important. For those of us who can’t afford most monthly gym memberships, you can work out anywhere. Start taking the steps, park further from the door when you are doing your post Christmas gift exchange. Just walking around your block in the morning could make more of a difference than you realize.

We are all stocking up on work out essentials from Revive Thrift Shop. We have refillable water bottles, both budgetary and environmentally friendly, some Adidas active wear, and of course some older T-shirts! We even have some Tai-bo and Buns and Thighs VHS tapes for those looking for a workout blast from the past.

But enough about us! What are your New Years resolutions?


New Years Party DIY

It’s almost time for New Years celebrations! New Years Eve parties are like that one final send off of the holiday season that we spend months preparing for. We all have our own New Years traditions, some might have evolved over the years. I’m sure most people get together with some combination of friends and family, indulge in some good food before we recommit to getting healthy in the new year, watch the ball drop, yell Happy New Year, and watch some fireworks.

But for those of us who are on a post present giving budget, decorating for all these year end festivities can become a pricey non-necessity. But we found this list of tutorials for DIY decor ideas for any New Years bash! Some of the light strings they show you can actually be made with the icicle lights you already have strewn around your house from Christmas.

We have shelves full of glassware to make several of the decor items on the list and some crafting odds and ends to make your own unique decorations.

Comment below with any of your favorite homemade party decorations!

Meet our new Donation Team!

We would like to introduce our new Donation Duo! Donation and Warehouse Coordinator, Terrance Long and Donation and Warehouse Associate, Coleman Macon.


Terrance was recommended to us by his brother, Guy Long who graduated Phase 1 of Mission: St. Louis’ JLT program in September and is now employed with his intern site, Anew Nature. Terrance was first hired as a part time driver with us but proved an invaluable asset to our shop and our team and was recently promoted to Donation and Warehouse Coordinator! Terrance is a regular jack of all trades and is often the first person we turn to when confronted with a problem within the shop. His willingness to go above and beyond is one of his strongest qualities, and his consistent positive energy and smile help lift the spirits of everyone around him, both coworkers and customers.

Coleman is the newest addition to our little family. Coleman interned with us for 8 weeks through the JLT program with Mission: St. Louis and was by far our strongest intern. Coming in on his days off to volunteer to help Terrance with pick-ups and deliveries really showed everyone how committed he was to the JLT program and to Revive. Coleman graduated from Phase 1 of the JLT program this month and was hired on as our Donation and Warehouse Associate immediately. He also possesses that willingness to help in any way he can, coming in early or helping with tasks that are a little outside of his job description. If he sees something that needs to be done he often helps without even being asked, and he never complains. He is a consistent source of happiness and smiles around Revive.

Terrance and Coleman have gotten our donation system down to a science with the initial supervision of our newly promoted Revive Thrift Shop Manager, Danielle Maclin. Knowing they are both on the job alleviates our workload because we know that anything they are involved with will be done efficiently and professionally. We are truly thankful during this holiday season that we found both of these amazing guys to complete our staff.

If you see either men around Revive or out picking up donations or delivering furniture give them a friendly wave and a congratulations on their promotions!

Imagination Running Wild



-Amanda Vick, Revive volunteer

How many times have you seen a scary movie and had your imagination run wild afterwards? Picture it for a moment- you’re sitting at home on your couch at midnight. The moon is full. You are alone. Having just watched a scary movie, you hear a rustling or something (or someone) at your front door. It could be the leaves being blown by the wind or it could be Freddy Kruger with his long knives for fingers hiding just outside your front door in the bushes. Or maybe it’s a culmination of all the scary movies you’ve watched over the years wreaking havoc on your imagination?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a very active and vivid imagination. When I was five, I saw an episode of Sesame Street on the letter “W”. They featured a bright blue puppet in a trench coat and fedora with a green dot nose called the “W Man” who was a detective. The funny thing was, the “W Man” didn’t bother me. It was the ominous music they played before he came on that scared me. My sisters laugh about it to this day. Music in a disharmonious minor key is very creepy. Have you listened to the Jaws theme lately? That kind of music usually accompanies that feeling you get when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

The other day at the thrift shop, I had the same hair-raising feeling but there was no music involved. I was rearranging some items on a shelf when I spotted a creepy doll in a frilly, ivory dress sitting on the shelf staring blankly back at me. Okay- I know it’s just a doll, but she was staring at me with those beady, glass eyes that blink when you move her. Just to clarify my point, there are several movies about creepy dolls.

It occurred to me that this doll would make a great Halloween decoration. How fun would it be to scare the trick-or-treaters Halloween night? Even better, she could sit on my front steps permanently scaring away those pesky solicitors. Darn those cable people trying to get me to switch back! They won’t come back to my house if they see this doll. It’s kind of like the modern version of a scarecrow.

Friends, if you’re stocking up for all your Halloween needs- Revive Thrift is your onestop shop! We have pieces for your costume, cassette tapes, records, cds (for music in a minor key!), movies and creepy dolls. Just be careful if you purchase a scary movie because we won’t be responsible for your imagination running wild. Insert Vincent Price’s evil laugh from Thriller……