40 Bags in 40 Days

Who is ready to simplify their life, and their home?

Spring cleaning is a time of year that everyone either loves or hates. The thought of tackling that overflowing closet or those basements/attics that haven’t been sorted through in months or years can seem incredibly daunting. We like simplicity here at Revive Thrift Shop, and we want to help those with more “hoarding” style tendencies.

We found this amazing spring cleaning event on a blog called White House Black Shutters. It’s a major de-cluttering movement that coincides with Lent every year! Check out their page and learn more about how you can “Decrapify” your house.


Ready for the rules?

The rules are very simple. Pick one area of your house every day of Lent, except Sunday’s, and fill one bag to remove from your house. That’s right just one bag!

The size of the bag doesn’t matter and what fills the bag doesn’t matter. It can be trash or donation worthy items. It can be a large trash bag or a Walmart bag. All that matters is that you get those unnecessary items out of your space!

They even count furniture as a “bag”, and we pick up!

We can’t wait to start on February 18th and clean out our houses until Easter Sunday, April 5th! We hope you take part in this amazing event and consider us for your donations.

Meet our new shop manager!

We have some very exciting news…


We would like to introduce you all to our new shop manager and leader, Erica Karleskint!

Erica and her husband Robert own Anew Nature, the furniture refurbishing business that operates out of the workshop space in our store. When we began looking for a new shop manager she seemed like a perfect fit. She already has great relationships with our staff and our sponsoring organization, and she really loves working with our Job & Leadership Training Interns. Her ideas for how to transform Revive Thrift Shop are endless and we are very excited to welcome her onto our team.

Be sure to stop in regularly to see how the shop transforms and grows in the coming months! And give Erica and friendly hello the next time you stop in.

No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

Now I know that I am not alone in my inability to sew. I haven’t sewed anything since my Home Ec class in 8th grade, and even that was just a huge drawstring sack, not terribly complicated.

I also know that I am not alone in my hoarding of T-shirts. Some were free, some are sentimental but many no longer fit. I started turning mine into exercise cut-offs but that still isn’t addressing my T-shirt hoarding ways. Until I found this handy tutorial from a blogger called mommypotamus for a 10 minute no sew t-shirt tote bag!


I found this adorable Saint Louis T-shirt on our dollar rack and thought it would make the perfect tote for when I go to the farmers market or when I go to the beach in the summer! Ahh summer…

They are obviously machine washable, which is so important to those accident prone individuals like myself and anyone with children! I brought over my skills from making so many of those felt blankets with the tied edges to help me with this project.

First you collect your numerous supplies. A T-shirt, a pair of scissors, and a pen/marker.


Then you start by cutting off the sleeves of the shirt, I chose to cut past the sleeve seam but whether or not you do so is a judgement call. T-shirts tend to be pretty fray resistant so It’s pretty safe to cut away the seam.


Then you cut out the neck. Now the tutorial I followed said to use a bowl and to mark the outline of where you are going to cut, I choose not to. Again a judgement call. I simply cut along the neck line seam and then made it more oval shaped because I thought it looked better.


Now, you can also make the straps thiner if you want but I decided to leave mine thicker so they would be sturdier.

Now this is where you’ll want to flip your shirt inside out if you haven’t already. And have your marker handy! Determine how deep you want your bag to be and cut off any excess fabric, keeping in mind that you’ll use roughly 1-2 inches to tie up the bottom of your bag. I chose to leave it the length it was and have a bigger bag.


Then you should draw your cut marks for your strips. I marked mine roughly 1 inch wide, and then just start cutting! Make sure you cut the sides of the shirt to make 2 strips.


Once you have them all cut you might want to number the first few so you can get the hang of how to tie them. This part might sound tricky but it really isn’t, I promise!

First you’ll tie both number ones into a knot, then both of the number twos. You’ll notice that you still have a hole between these two ties, this is where you take one number one tie and one number two tie and tie those together to close the gap. Then you tie together both number three ties, and close that gap with one number three tie and the other number two tie.


Then you repeat until all of your strips are tied and all your gaps are closed. I then cut off some of the extra fabric from my strips and flipped the bag right side out!


Voila! I am so happy with how this turned out and cannot wait to use it!


Have any of you made your own t-shirt bag before or have found your own ways to up cycle an old t-shirt? Please comment with your tips and tricks!


New Years Resolution

HAPPY 2015!

With a new year comes new opportunities, possibilities, and resolutions. Our staff’s collective resolution is to get healthier this year. Now I know that “get healthier” or “get in shape” is what most people say their New Years resolution is. This, then results in the local parks and gyms becoming overpopulated for roughly a month before (insert excuse here) gets in the way and we slowly revert back to our old ways. Not this group! We have decided to be each others support system. Some of our staff are already healthy eaters, Terrance is already a vegetarian, while others, myself included, need to start swapping that Dr. Pepper for some water, or those potato chips for an apple.

But diet is only part of the problem, becoming more active is incredibly important. For those of us who can’t afford most monthly gym memberships, you can work out anywhere. Start taking the steps, park further from the door when you are doing your post Christmas gift exchange. Just walking around your block in the morning could make more of a difference than you realize.

We are all stocking up on work out essentials from Revive Thrift Shop. We have refillable water bottles, both budgetary and environmentally friendly, some Adidas active wear, and of course some older T-shirts! We even have some Tai-bo and Buns and Thighs VHS tapes for those looking for a workout blast from the past.

But enough about us! What are your New Years resolutions?