What we’re into this week: Gold Jewelry

In my life, the changing seasons let me inhabit new versions of myself. If in summer I’m all about Bleachers, The Chainsmokers and Charli XCX, then in winter I’m about Lorde, Alessia Cara and Lana Del Rey.

Even though gold jewelry reminds me of summer, I’m keeping it on my body even as the weather gets colder this winter. I’m dreaming of blacks, greys and dark blues offset by shimmers of gold. Something like this:

Here are a few of my favorite gold pieces that I can guarantee you’ll see me wearing every Saturday morning as I’m strolling through the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market with my pup:

I got this ring for $5 (insert praying hands emoji here). Even though it was only a few dollars, I wear it as a reminder of all that I’m capable of. You know that phrase that goes “Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains”? Sometimes I need a huge nudge that I’m a strong female who can kick some butt, and this ring does that for me.


I’m a big fan of all the new ways to wear jewelry on your ears. Regular earrings are great, but there are so many more ways to rock a rhinestone without having to stick a new needle in your ear. My favorite right now are these arc earrings. I love them because they make my ear look like I have way more piercings than I actually do and they’re just plain cute (and a little weird).


A few months ago, one of my best St. Louis friends moved away. Our friendship was on a Harry and Louis type of level, so when we found out she was moving away our initial reaction was to get matching emoji tattoos. Thankfully the adults in us kicked in (if you have an emoji tattoo, I want to see it). Instead we bought these bracelets stamped with the coordinates for St. Louis. It’s like an adult friendship bracelet!


Want to find your own unique gold jewelry? Stop in Revive to shop our ever-changing selection or follow us on Instagram. That’s the first place we share our secrets :) You’ll probably have to fight me for the gold jewelry, but you’ll also probably win.

I want to see your favorite gold jewelry, especially if it has a special meaning behind it. Leave a comment below!