Revive Gift Guide

Ah, the holidays. Arguably the most simultaneously joyful and stressful time of the year. We can help you avoid a “merry little meltdown” with our Revive Gift Guide! Who says last minute gifts can’t still be personal and fun?

Sweater for Mom: If your mom is like mine, she always insists that she wants nothing and refuses to give you gift ideas. Give the person who is always thinking of others something that immediately makes them feel good when they put it on. We’ve got brand-new, beautiful and comfy sweaters that are perfect for a cozy night on the couch watching It’s a Wonderful Life. New Apartment 9 sweater, $18

Succulent for Teachers: Looking for a gift for your child’s teacher that’s somewhere in between boring cookies and Ralphie’s giant gift basket from A Christmas Story? Consider one of our adorable succulents that have been potted in a variety of tea cups and glassware. It’s a plant that requires no effort (something any teacher will appreciate) and would add some vibrance and beauty to their desk at school. Succulents, $5-$12

Jewelry for Friends: You know her style, and, heck, you’re probably going to end up borrowing her jewelry anyway! We’ve got tons of new jewelry that is perfect for any fashionista. Frankly, the only people who wouldn’t enjoy one of our fun statements pieces or layered pendant necklaces are cotton-headed ninny muggins. Statement Necklace, $12

Scarf for Sister: Scarves are the perfect gift for that sibling you don’t quite know what to get, while still being thoughtful and personal. Be careful,though, because our new infinity scarves are so soft and warm that you might wind up trying to pry it out of your sibling’s hands on Christmas morning. Maybe consider buying two? Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. Infinity Scarf, $10

Candle for Co-worker: A Revive candle is perfect for that one co-worker you actually like- bah, humbug to all the rest. Your work bestie will love our fun scents like Elf Sweat, Santa Farts and Reindeer Poo (we promise they smell better than they sound)! Revive Candle, $8

Or, you could always give the gift that everyone really wants--the chance to pick out their own present! Plus, when you purchase a $25 gift card you get a $5 gift card free. It’s a win-win.


As you do your Christmas shopping this year, remember that when you shop at Revive you impact lives throughout St. Louis. What better way to embrace the season than by bringing joy to your loved ones while also making a difference in the lives of others? #shopRevive #shopitforward