Ring In 2016: Cranberry Flicker

When I was asked to come up with a cocktail for Revive’s blog, I hesitantly accepted.  I’ve combined flavors through baking and cooking, but never in a drink. I was going to be working with something well beyond my level of comfort. Therefore, I recruited a person that knew alcohol and who I could trust to give me constructive criticism - my husband! He pulled out his little black book of alcoholic drinks and we sat down to gather information. I made a list of flavors and personality I wanted to have in the drink….Light, crisp, with a hint of fruit, while still resonating the warmth of the holidays. I needed something that was easy to make, easy to share, and easy to drink.  

My husband and I started mixing and sipping. There were quite a few days of strange flavors, grandiose plans (ones that included ice cream, new year ball drops, and lots of sprinkles), and burning tongues (don’t add peppermint oil to your drinks, not a good idea) before we found what we were looking for. Needless to say, it was quite a learning experience. But, as I give you this recipe, I am proud to say that we came up with it on our own and are delighted in how it tastes. It’s exactly what I want to have in my hand at a New Year’s Eve party.  




Cranberry Flicker

Ingredients (8oz serving)

1/3 c (2.5 oz) Cranberry Vodka

1/3c  White Grape Juice

1/3 c  Ginger Ale

Garnish: Frozen cranberries and fresh rosemary


Gently stir all ingredients together over several pieces of ice.  Add a handful of frozen cranberries and garnish with one or two stem(s) of rosemary.  


Measurements for a 2qt pitcher

24 oz   Cranberry Vodka

24 oz   White Grape Juice

24 oz   Ginger Ale


Combine all ingredients together in a 2qt pitcher or punch bowl.  Add ice.  

Add frozen cranberries for garnish.