Our Newest Fall Collection

Dear St. Louis,

The air is crisping. The leaves are coloring. The days are shortening. All of a sudden you can’t seem to get through a day without seeing a pumpkin display. Doesn’t it feel like we have been waiting forever? Well, we needn’t wait anymore because autumn is in full swing...

...and we are obsessed with the options that a fall wardrobe provides. Our fall collection at Revive is flying out the door. We are so happy that many of you are already in love with our pieces. Here are some of our favorites:

Feeling the Flannel:

Remember when the flannel came back into the fashion spotlight? What a great style for the cooling weather. Not all flannels have to have that 90's grungy look though. This brightly colored button-down is perfect to wear with leggings. It's long but has deep side slits to allow for movement. 

Long Multicolored Flannel... $30.00

Styled for Snuggles:

This sweater comes in a few different colors. What the picture fails to convey is the softness of the material. Taking this adorable top off will be difficult once you feel its smooth texture. Couple it with a simple dangly necklace for some added detail and some skinny jeans, and you've got a fantastic outfit. 

Gray Slitted Sweater.... $28.00

Pink Tassel Necklace... $10.00


An Autumn Mixture:

This piece is a combination of three different autumn styles. First, it's flannel design is abrupt and bright. Second, the material is soft and thick like a sweater. Third, it is a 'cold-shoulder' style with subtle slits that rest on the shoulder. Clasp on a gold long necklace, and throw on some deep blue jeans for a complimentary color, and you're set for the day.

Flannel Cold-shoulder Sweater... $25.00

Gold dangly necklace... $8.00

Free the Turtleneck:

Sometimes the traditional turtleneck can be a little constricting. But It is such a great fall style, not to mention practical for the cold weather. We are in love with the loose turtleneck. The extra fabric acts like a built in scarf. It's warm and does not rest too tightly on your neck like some of the other turtlenecks out there.

Gray Loose turtleneck... $26.00


We wish you all a trendy and joy-filled autumn.

Happy fall everyone!