6 Valentine's Day Movies for Chick-Flick-Haters

6 Valentine’s Day Movies For Chick-Flick-Haters

by Jessie Klearman. Guest Blogger and Revive Volunteer.

Personally, I love a good rom-com. You can even catch me watching a Lifetime movie every once in awhile. But we all have that one friend or significant other who refuses to watch The Notebook- even on our Hallmark holiday that celebrates love! Well, I finally have a solution. Here are some of the best on-screen romances that are more than just a “girly rom-com”:


6.  Wanderlust

Plot: A New York couple loses their jobs and have to move out of the city. On their way to stay with family they come across a rural commune where free love rules.

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in a hippie commune drinking ayahuasca tea and practicing free love…. What’s there not to love? The film’s offbeat humor and joy at poking fun at everyone is great, and though sometimes the use of improv is obvious it comes through with big laughs.


5.  Beyond The Lights

Plot: Nomi, a beautiful British pop singer seems to have it all but can’t seem to find happiness… until she finds Kaz.

While the film is set in the over-the-top world of Hollywood and stardom, the story is remarkably relatable. What makes this different from other romance movies is how character driven it is. We learn so much about the characters and what shaped them which brings the audience much deeper into the movie than your average rom-com.


4. High Fidelity  

Plot: A young John Cusack (who owns a record store that employs Jack Black) gets dumped causing him to look back on his Top 5 best relationships.

Based off Nick Hornby’s novel, this 2000 film tells a man’s love stories from his cynical point of view. Not only will chick-flick-haters relate, but it’s one of very few films to capture the love/music connection in a beautiful and real way. Music heads will love the references and film nerds will appreciate the acting and impressive structure of the film.


3. Livin’ Large

Plot: Dexter Jackson has always wanted to be a reporter. Thanks to a freak accident he gets his chance at a big TV station...but the job threatens his identity and affects all of his relationships from his mother to his girlfriend to his best friend.


This one is for those of you who don’t just like thrift-ed clothes, you like thrift-ed movies too. The 1991 film captures the decade in wardrobe, music and much more. Dexter’s wild ride as a TV reporter escalates everything in his life, but can his relationships survive? The film is dated in many ways but it’s a fun watch with great outfit inspirations.


2.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Plot: When Peter gets dumped by Sarah Marshall, the love of his life, he decides to treat himself to a Hawaiian vacation. Little does he know, Sarah and her new boyfriend are staying at the same resort.


I know several guys who claim for this to be their favorite movie. Maybe it’s Mila Kunis, maybe it’s Kristen Bell, but their jaw dropping good looks aren’t what make this movie a classic. The film’s take on break ups and love is honest but more than happy to laugh at itself. It may be Jason Segel’s best performance.


1. That Awkward Moment

Plot: Three twenty-something dudes who are best friends make a pact to stay single when one of them gets dumped. But can they keep their promise?

If there was ever a movie made to be a chick flick for guys this is it.  Starring Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Zac Efron, the film captures a millennial male falling in love better than any movie before it, while staying hilarious.  There are fart jokes, Viagra jokes, laugh out loud moments and sweet ones. Not to mention a gorgeous cast.