Valentine's Day, the STL Way

Trying to find the perfect thing to do for Valentine's Day? We've got a few ideas! Our staff at Revive and Mission: St. Louis compiled a list of some of our favorite things to do here in STL. Whether you're looking for a romantic outing or a fun day with friends, there's no shortage of options!


For the Food Lovers

If there's one thing St. Louis has got, it's amazing food! Staff picks include:

1. Going with friends and indulging in some amazing macaroons and other pastries at La Patisserie Chouquette, located on Tower Grove Ave.

2. Taking your loved one to dinner at The Crossing Restaurant for some wonderful farm to table concoctions.

3. Splurging on a delicious meal at the Sidney Street Café or enjoying an evening at the Boat House in Forest Park.


For the Adventurers

For those who prefer fresh air over candlelight, the city still holds lots of promise. Staff picks include:

1. Strolling through any of the amazing parks in this city.

2. Indoor Rock Climbing at Climb So iLL. So maybe there's no fresh air, but it definitely appeals to the adventurous spirit.

3. Ice skating after a warm coffee date…or vice versa.


For the Takers of the Road Less Traveled

If you're a lover of all things different and more traditional dates just aren't your style, don't lose hope. Several of our staff members are right there with you, picks include:

1. Comedy show at Sketchpad Comedy. They only have one show a month, and it won't be on Valentine's Day...but you're a lover of the offbeat right? What's wrong with celebrating love in March?

2. Go see a live show or take a trip to the symphony. The STL symphony has a show specifically for Valentine's Day.

3. Have a thrifting adventure. Make a day out of visiting thrift shops in the area and see who ends up with the best find.