A Look for the Books

As the school season nears, excitement floats through the air as every student prepares for the upcoming semester.

I don’t know why, but I always feel motivated to spice up my look right before the first day of class. Looking for a new back to school outfit is one of the many ways to refresh yourself before hitting the books again.

Clothing is a great way to display a piece of who we are, and maybe that is why we put a lot of thought into our ‘first day of school’ outfit. We want our first impression to be just right.

At Revive, we have tons of comfortable and stylish clothing options to boost your closet. Our retail floor provides many different types of new and used fashion pieces to help you reinvent your wardrobe.

Here are a few academic-inspired outfits put together with new and used clothing by our team of retail whizzes at Revive.

These Buttons Go all the Way Up!

Clearly, we like the long relaxed style. You can do a lot with this off-white button dress. The light fabric of the piece allows for easy movement as you travel from class to class, and when you couple it with a shirt/skirt set and some classy accessories it makes for a lovely back to school spectacle. Also check out this long, silver elephant necklace… Falling in love yet?

Cream button dress: $26.00

Black blouse: $8.00

Gray mini skirt: $5.00

Silver elephant necklace: $15.00

Must Love Flowers…

And yes of course we have a romper for you! I do not need to convince anyone of the ease and comfort of the romper. This one in particular gives the illusion that it is a dress. It’s Fan-su-al (Fancy/casual). Don’t you just love clothes that are both? Also this material is littered with pink flowers… I get happier the longer I stare at it. 

Pink floral romper: $9.00

Gold circle pendant: $6.00

Black strappy sandals: $8.00


Geeks in Sneaks

This outfit makes me want to grab a stack of books and spend way too much time studying in the library. The floral print canvas shoes add all the color this ensemble needs, while also keeping it 100% casual. The back of this dress displays knit detailing, giving this simplistic style a 360° coverage of ‘back to school’ chic.

Gray-blue t-shirt dress: $34.00

Dream catcher necklace: $15.00

Floral canvas slip-on sneakers: $30.00

Goodbye Summer, Hello School…

This is a lovable, effortless look. It displays bohemian flavor mixed with fabulous contrast. The visual stimulation of this outfit is perfect for grand academic entrance this semester.

Long sweater vest:  $10.00

Orange tank top: $7.00

Gold and navy tassel necklace: $15.00

Jeans: $30.00



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Yes, I did say FREE. You read right.